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Here's a peace offering for not updating regularly....and for not checking email and comments and all that good stuff too! XP

Yousendit Link: HERE

Savefile Link: HERE

Note: The Savefile one is password protected. The password is my favorite X character. ^_-

Oh yeah. Ignore the really bad album cover scan. And I should be uploading another album or two by next week. Not Tenipuri though. Definitely Arashi's newest album. And maybe Angela Aki's.
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OK, so I thought that with no school I'd be able update and reply to comments on a regular basis and I'd have more time writing? ...wrong.

Didn't happen. So, what DID happen this week?

Um. My friend and I went to for job interviews and watched different anime series instead.

I've been too busy watching and re-watching the entire Dear Boys series (or Hoop Days, as Bandai called it). Yes, I do love that series just a little too much. XD

So if I'm MIA again and you have to reach me...err...do something? ^^;
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Lists? XD

Um. So I checked my fic list (been a while since I did that) and I suddenly realized that...err....I'm very behind schedule. I really, really, REALLY want to finish up my HanaKimi 30 kisses project right now and at least half of my share of the GippalxBaralai themes. But I do realize that I still need to post fics that I owe people like, oh, months ago?

The tough part is finding where the HELL I put those fics. I tend to write them on paper first and then typing them on my comp, so I sure hope that I've typed them all up because I don't want to go look around for old scraps of paper.

So far, this is what I need to find/post/write etc:

1. The rest of the NaKaya 30 kisses themes
2. More Gippalai 30 kisses themes
3. OT5 fic
4. FujixKirihara fic: I'm not sure who this is for. I think it's for fujis, but I'm not sure...
5. FujixRyo fic for someoneeeeeeeee
6. ConxYuu fic (Sorry about this, arccie, I completely forgot. ^^;)
7. I-totally-blame-this-on-the-weather-omgwtf FF7 fic (err....Not sure about this one...I don't think I can find the notebook that I wrote this in)

....Did I miss anything? Do I owe anyone anything? 'Cause I wanna get all of this written/posted and just generally out of the way because I want to try out new fandoms (Nana - because I love this series so much and Tsubasa - I'm finally caving in to the tormentor that is my Fai-muse. XD)
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Official Notice: VACATION TIME!

Gah! Sorry, sorry, sorry! Thanks for the birthday wishes! *hugs*

Sorry I can't even put together a decent enough entry but graduation was yesterday and the post-ceremony party was at my friend's place and it was INSANE. Just got up half an hour ago. I need to leave my apartment in approximately 3 hours while running around to make sure I have everything.

...'cause dad just told me that the temperature in Holland just dropped to 17 degrees Celsius and that's cold to me. So I need to find my sweater. XD

I'll see you all in June. (Will finally post all of the stuff that I owe people omgwtf.)
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I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh God. I'm almost DONE. This is INSANE. But I'm ALMOST DONE.

I'll be checking this journal regularly next week. And at least until I have to go on vacation to Holland. So...yeah. Happy.

*sighs happily*

[Edit] Oh and another thing. OH. MY. GOD. Sephiroth, why must you be SO FUCKING HARD TO BEAT? That is all. Thank you.

I love KH2, really. (Second time playing is SO much easier. XDDDD)
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