XwaiZ (exwaiz) wrote,

I'm leaving on an airplaneeeeeeeeeee

Not quite a jetplane. But close enough?

So. This is the end of (some) things. Saying goodbye to Hawaii was hard. There were a lot of kleenex boxes involved. I'll miss this place terribly. And I'll miss the friends that I'm leaving behind and the sights and sounds.

I'll miss the view of Ala Wai harbor from my lanai window. I'll miss having a lanai. I'll miss walking down the Ala Wai at four o'clock in the morning with drunk people stumbling all over the place.

I'll even miss the sun shining in my eye every morning. Not that the sun won't be shining where I'm going. It just won't be Hawaiian sun.

So guys, it's been fun.

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