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*facepalm* and err....Short supernatural drabble thingy. XP

I fail at life.

...Well, not life, really. But I totally forgot to work on my two 30 kisses pairings. And the deadline? Is today. I think the mods start purging earlier today. So I don't think it'll even help if I try to post anything now.


Oh well. Not like anyone is going to die if I didn't post the HanaKimi stuff right? Or the FFX-2 stuff. ^^;

So what did I do with my time today, you ask? Toyed with a little drabble thing that might turn into an actual story if Sam would actually sound like Sam. And if Dean's voice didn't make me cringe.

*headdesk* I need to work on their voices, I know.

Sam was pretty sure that any kind of higher power out there had a bad sense of humor. Not because it managed to scew up their lives so thoroughly. Because of all the things that could ever make his brother suffer so much, Sam never thought that it would come down to this.

He also didn't know that he'd enjoy watching Dean suffer either.

"How is it that you've managed to piss off a witch?" Sam asked, no, shouted over the bubblegum pop pouring out of the Impala's radio.

Dean let out a loud growl. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't loud enough to drown out Britney singing for her baby to hit her one more time. And what the hell was up with this chick anyway? Did she get off on that whole S&M thing or something? Not that Dean was put off by it, far from it, he rather liked girls with a kinky side. But.

Impala. Radio. Pop. Oh GOD, make it stop.

And that's all for now, folks! There's more stuff. It's mostly disjointed little scenes with nothing to tie them together yet. I've got the ending all typed up, but let's not give that away, shall we?

ANYWAYS. Feedback please? And if Gaifey is still willing to beta for me...heeeeee! =D
Tags: spn, supernatural

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