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Happy Turkey Day!

So yeah, I'm not even American and my roommate isn't American either (she's Japanese) and yet for some strange, strange reason, we're gonna celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. My mom is here so she's the one doing the cooking for us.

We're going to have dinner and then my friends and I are just going to kick back and relax and watch Supernatural. And SGA. Because my Season 1 DVDs finally came from Amazon! *blows kisses* I swear, I love you Amazon because you have great, great discounts. $16 for the ENTIRE FIRST SEASON OF SGA. HAH!

*clears throat*

In other news!

The Supernatural fandom? Is killing me. In a good way. Because the writers in this fandom are BRILLIANT. And I fangirl over their stories because they write really hot fic, really angsty ones, and really cracky OMGWTFLMAO stories.

And I love the characters. You have NO idea. I love ALL the characters. Yes, that does mean that I love Jo and Ellen. Ellen is freaking cool and although I was wary about Jo at first, she won me over in "No Exit."

Still, it's got its cracks and tears and all that. Because I tend to stay away from writers that I don't know or that no one has recced. And there are certain things in stories that I think are just brilliant that make me fangirl just a little less.

Because fandom? Sam was TOTALLY in love with Jess, OK? You can't just write it off as just a fling. He LOVED her. So making him forget all about her and just focus on Dean? Big No-No!

And staying in character? Is a big HELL YES. 'cause c'mon, folks, would Dean really ever say those three words without being at least...Oh I dunno...doped up? In danger of being castrated? or forced into a situation where Sam is in mortal peril or even worse, dying?

But yeah, besides those issues? I'm totally in love with the fandom. 'cause pr0n is always good in my book. >D?

November is drawing to a close soon. That means I need to post stuff for 30 kisses. Gah. Must get butt into gear and write more HanaKimi stuff. And FFX-2 stuff. Which is VERY difficult to do when I haven't played FFX-2 in ages and I've been writing Supernatural ficlets instead. *dies*

Oh yeah. Is anyone playing FFXII by any chance? I'm not even 50% done yet, I don't think. About to visit the Garif. But yeah, I have questions for people who are done or are way ahead. So...help?

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy Thanksgiving!
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