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Multi-fandom Snippets

Snippet 1: The Road Home
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairings: RikuxSoraxKairi (sorta, kinda) and a little LeonxCloud.
Note: Sequel to "Somewhere only we know" and "Letters"

Every time someone said his name, he heard it.

Every time someone began talking about him, or talking to him, he heard it.

He heard Leon and Cloud's voices whenever they would ask a newcomer to Traverse whether or not they bumped into a "kid with a bad attitude and weird silver hair". He should be insulted that they would describe him in such a way, but being stuck there in the middle of nothingness, he really didn't have a choice but be amused.

He didn't think that it was possible to get to know someone without ever meeting them, but that was how he got to know Leon and Cloud. Sometimes if one of them even thought of him, he would be able to listen in on their conversation. A couple of times, he got an earful. He didn't know whether or not to be amused or disturbed with the fact that either Cloud or Leon had been thinking of him while they were having sex.

More often than Leon and Cloud, he would hear Aeris and Yuffie, though in their case, Sora's name always preceded his name. They worried about him because Sora was worried. They would think of him because Sora (and Kairi) thought of him. But he supposed that it was the thought that counted (no pun intended).

But it was Sora and Kairi's voices that he would always search for. He didn't know how to go home, but he decided a long time ago that he would follow their voices. With nothing to guide him in the darkness, nothing but sound, he would follow their voices home. Because it didn't matter if their voices led him to Traverse Town or some strange city, as long as both of them were there, it would be home to him.

Snippet 2: Points of View
Fandom: Tenipuri
Pairing: Eventual FujiRyo (nothing on that here, but a lot more of that when I finally finish the rest)

Echizen Nanjiroh never hid his love for tennis from his son. He had been fascinated by this future rival ever since his son was able to walk. When Ryoma first took his first, tentative step towards his mother's open arms, Nanjiroh had not been excited that he had been there to witness his son walking for the first time. He was more enthralled with the idea that someday he would be able to play a match with his son.

Someone with his blood and--he had no doubts about this--his tennis abilities.

So when Ryoma took up basketball, he hadn't been too worried. It wasn't until he was in middle school that he decided he liked tennis anyway. Instead, he teased his son mercilessly over his height and how his teammates seemed to tower over him.

And then Rinko mentioned that Ryoma's basketball coach called to tell her that Ryoma was an exceptional player, despite his tendencies to seek trouble. Her son's competitive streak was showing and Rinko was a little concerned. But Nanjiroh was too busy panicking over this "basketball phase" that Ryoma was stuck in.

Whe Ryoma decided to quit basketball, Nanjiroh was ecstatic and relieved. He didn't have to worry that Ryoma might never love tennis the way he did anymore. But Nanjiroh noticed the dejected look on Ryoma's face.

He noticed the way his son would look longingly at a basketball court. He noted the way Ryoma's eyes looked whenever a basketball match was playing on TV. He even noticed that his son would go out of his way to avoid the courts that he used to love so much.

It was ironic, Nanjiroh found later, that the first time he really introduced Ryoma to tennis it wasn't because he wanted Ryoma to fall in love with the sport. It was because he didn't want to see Ryoma's hands clench into a fist whenever something reminded him of basketball. Basketball was Ryoma's first love and like a jilted lover, Ryoma was hurt and angry every time he remembered how he used to love the sport and why he had to leave.

Ryoma had been reluctant to play tennis because he knew about Nanjiroh's past accomplishments and he didn't want a comparison.

But Nanjiroh watched as disinterest turned into interest turned into love. By the time tennis became Ryoma's life, he forgot about basketball altogether. Although sometimes Nanjiroh would catch him pause, look up and then stare at a basketball match playing on TV. His eyes would be tinged with sadness but he would be smiling and then he would turn around to stare at Nanjiroh and demand a match.

Echizen Nanjiroh never once hid his love of tennis from his son. But seeing his son's love for the game, he couldn't help the swell of pride inside of his chest.

Snippet 3: Spectator Sport
Fandom: Maruma
Pairings: ConYuu
Note: Shortest snippet

One of the good things about being a spectator is not being part of the spectacle. And Murata is a little relieved that he doesn't have to step into this mess. Because anything that involves an incensed Wolfram, a stammering Shibuya and a worried Conrad was definitely not good in Murata's book.

It doesn't help, of course, that Yuuri has absolutely no idea why Wolfram is angry in the first place. Perhaps, Murata thinks, Shibuya doesn't even realize that he has yet to release his hold on Conrad's arm. And he also doesn't seem to realize the glare that Wolfram is directing at the place where Shibuya's hand touches Sir Weller's arm.

Snippet 4: A big brother's job is never done
Fandom: Xenosaga
Characters: Jin, Shion

Jin remembered a time when Shion used to follow him around. He remembered a time when he would be greeted by the sound of small feet on tatami floorings and a loud, girly sound of pure glee followed by short, chubby hands around his neck and "Onii-chaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

He remembered a time when he used to be the entire universe to Shion. He remembered being bothered by her constant presence and he would always feel guilty for ever feeling that way. Because these days she'd rather hide than see him, avoid their home altogether rather than stick together.

They only had each other yet they couldn't even stay in the same room for more than five minutes without it ending in a fight. Blows weren't exchanged, but the verbal battles were so often that it would end in stalemate. Or victory for Shion. Because Jin was always able to stop just short of cutting his sister too deeply. But Shion had long forgotten of the days when he used to be everything to her.
Tags: conyuu, kh2, tenipuri, xenosaga

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