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[KH] Letters

Title: Letters
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: LeonxCloud (a little SoraxKairi and RikuxSoraxKairi maybe?)
Sequel to Somewhere only we know


When Sora doesn't visit, he writes them letters. Leon couldn't figure out how the letters were getting to them, but he didn't want to question it. Or else whatever it was that made the letters arrive at their home, safe and sound, would stop working altogether.

When Sora doesn't visit, he writes them letters. Cloud knew that the King sent the Gummi ship, along with its two ever-present mechanics, to deliver the letters. He found that out when he bumped into Goofy and Donald in the Coliseum one day.

Sora's first letter was cheerful and he babbled a lot. The letter consisted of fifteen run-on sentences and five paragraphs. Leon counted. But he could sense something else there. He could feel it lurking between each word, brushing across his mind as swirls of ink transformed to words. But he never asked Sora about it, mostly because he always left the duty of writing a letter in reply to Cloud. Most of the times he was able to ignore the fact that Sora usually started his letters with "Dear Leon".

Sora's first letter was filled with little scribbles. It took Cloud some time to realize that the kid was trying to draw coconut trees and some sort of a shack. He just focused on the words after realizing that he probably won't understand what the rest of Sora's sketches mean. There were things in the letter that made him stop and think. The kid was like a puzzle, though it didn't take Cloud very long to figure him out. He remembered another kid, though taller than Sora and an even bigger mystery. He remembered trying to figure him out while he half-listened to Hades ranting about this and that. And then he realized what Sora was missing.

The letters that came after that were filled with more happiness than Leon would ever deem healthy. But he supposed that Sora's infectious good mood was what made Yuffie love him so much. Though sometimes Leon could sense something different about Sora's happy words. Sometimes they would falter for a moment, the way a person's speech would falter when reminded of something unpleasant. But Leon never asked. He'd leave that to Cloud.

The letters that came after were filled with even more false cheer. There were times when Sora was actually genuine in his cheerful words, but there were times when the words were almost forced. Cloud could see it in places where Sora had obviously used more force in his pen than necessary. He could see it in the way the scribbles falter, where the lines were cleaner than the rest. It was in places where it was obvious that Sora had thought about that line over and over and he didn't write it down until he finally got it to sound right.

Sora came to visit on Yuffie's birthday. Yuffie had insisted on him being present, mostly because she wanted more presents but also because she wanted to see him. Leon was a little surprised to see him accompanied by a brunette who reminded him of someone from his past. Cloud noticed him pause and for a moment, Leon could see doubt lurking behind his companion's glowing eyes. Leon compensated by staying by Cloud's side the entire time, even though Yuffie kept teasing him about it.

Sora came to visit on Yuffie's birthday. He brought Kairi with him. Kairi, who made Leon's eyes widen and soften and made Cloud's heart stop beating for several moments. Cloud had been too busy worrying about what this might mean to actually watch Sora interact with others. But when Yuffie started teasing Leon for standing so close to Cloud, he stopped. And it was then that he noted the sadness that lingered in Sora's eyes. And Kairi's too.

On Leon's birthday Sora sent him a yellow birthday card with a chocobo on the front. Leon raised his eyebrow at the picture and shook his head at the scribbles inside. He was also quite perplexed at Cloud's somewhat violent reaction to the card. He didn't say anything when he went for a walk the next day only to see Yuffie hanging like a piñata from a street lamp.

On Leon's birthday Sora sent him a birthday card that had Yuffie written all over it. No doubt Yuffie had told him about Cloud's nickname from long ago. Leon looked pretty surprised when Cloud snapped the pencil he was holding into two. Leon also didn't comment when Cloud finally got his revenge. But at least now Yuffie knew better than to divulge his nickname to other people.

One of Sora's letters made them both pause and think. Leon had read it first, as usual, but he faltered after reading the first sentence. He couldn't quite find the words to say. Cloud, sensing his companion's silent distress, had walked over to read over Leon's shoulder. And then they exchanged glances. Leon's eyes were troubled behind his usual mask while Cloud's eyes were sad and understanding, as if some great mystery was finally solved.

If you guys hear from Riku, could you tell me? Or if you even hear some stupid rumor and the person they're talking about fits Riku's description, please tell me about it. We're waiting for him to come home.

Cloud wrote a letter in reply the day after. It wasn't any different than any of the other letters that he had written, except for the part where he had said that they would keep an eye open for any rumors pertaining Riku. Leon was seated across the table when he wrote it. Cloud usually wrote the letters whenever Leon wasn't around. But he supposed that Leon would stick around whenever he would write the letters to Sora now.

Leon wrote a letter in reply to Sora's last letter. They took turns writing them now. He felt foolish that he didn't notice Sora's true feelings before. But Cloud had only teased him lightly about his lack of people skills when he finally confessed to his companion. They would speak of the content of Sora's letters whenever one would arrive. And Leon would see things in the letters now that he didn't see before. And sometimes he would see things in there that Cloud had failed to notice.

They both listened to rumors and hoped for Sora's sake (and Kairi's) that one day in the future they would finally hear about Riku.


I need a LeonxCloud icon.
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