XwaiZ (exwaiz) wrote,

Wai + Internet = No Match

OK. So our internet went kaput. Dunno why. Called the cable company and the person came, fixed it and it worked. For two days. And then it died again.
It's finally fixed, but I still have my fingers crossed. So yeah. No more promises of updating regularly, I can't keep them. My schedule at work gets shuffled so many times that it's really, really, REALLY annoying. I'd have the morning shift one day and then the graveyard shift the next. I'm ready to sacrifice something to the fandom gods just so I can have a routine.

I can't believe I'm saying this...I miss school. Yes. I. Miss. School.

I miss having a FIXED schedule. And I miss sleeping at normal times.

And this is also an almost announcement of some sort. I'm doing my OPT right now, which means I get to stay in the USA for one year, just trying to get a steady job and basically find a way to stay here longer. But I'm definitely changing my mind with the way that work is going. Dad's offer to work in Europe is looking way better.

I technically have until next summer to stay here and secure myself a good job, not to mention a working visa. But unfortunately, that ain't gonna happen. So most likely than not I'm gonna be heading to Holland. Yup. I'm finally leaving this country. And half a year earlier than planned no less. Unless something drastically changes at work, it's pretty much set.

That is all.

ps: Emi, sorry I missed your call!

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