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[Gippalai] Undivided Attention

Wrote this a while back with the 30 kisses themes in mind. This was before I co-signed for the Gippalai pairing at 30 kisses though. ^^;

Title: Undivided Attention
Fandom: Final Fantasy X-2
Pairing: GippalxBaralai
Theme: 23. candy
Disclaimer: The characters, skittles and the voice inside Baralai's head aren't mine.
Note: Very silly.

Gippal was obsessed with them. At first it had been amusing, even cute. And then it became alarming and for some reason had settled on being annoying, borderline aggravating. Baralai was barely able to keep himself from screaming.

Gippal kept counting them, sorting them by their different colors. He even made sure they were the exact shade of red, purple or whatever color those DOTS from hell came in. It was quite funny, really, to see the New Yevon Praetor glaring at a row of sweets currently occupying half of his desk.

He nearly tossed them out of the window, but the cry in horror that came from Gippal, soon followed by that wounded puppy look that he had mastered behind Baralai's back, had prevented him from doing so. Thus preventing the evil, delectable treat's early demise.


"Hmm?" The blond looked up from his counting, flashing his lover a bright grin. "What is it?"

"How long do you plan on keeping these...things?" Baralai asked in a completely controlled voice.

"A month. Maybe two."


"Ah." Despite Baralai's effort, it came out sounding strangled, causing the younger man to stare at him in concern.

"Are you catching a cold or something? You sound like you've got a frog in your throat."

"Not at all." Croaked Baralai, shaking in rage.

"And you're shaking! Lai, are you cold? Are you having a fever or something?" Gippal got up, walking over to his lover. The hand that rested on Baralai's forehead was not unwelcome. In fact, Gippal had become so preoccupied with his obsession as of late that he couldn't even spare Baralai a glance, let alone a touch or even a kiss.

So the moment Baralai felt that familiar hand on his skin, a soft sign escape, which didn't go unnoticed. There was a small, impish grin on Gippal's face as he leaned closer to Baralai's face.

"I'm sorry." He muttered. "I've been neglecting you haven't I?"

Obviously! You’ve just NOTICED?

"It's alright." Baralai said, unable to help the fond smile, despite himself. But he really should find a way to make that voice inside of his head to shut up. "You've been...busy."

"I really shouldn't ignore you like that." Continued Gippal, as if Baralai hadn't spoken. "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

Much better.

"As soon as I finish counting these skittles!"


Tags: final fantasy x-2

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