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[Gippalai] Speechless

Re-wrote an old drabble because I realized that it definitely fits as one of the themes.

Title: Speechless
Fandom: Final Fantasy X-2
Pairing: GippalxBaralai
Theme: 15. Perfect Blue
Disclaimer: Not mine. Ask Squeenix.

Gippal got his eye patch when he was fourteen. Fourteen was the turning point in an Al Bhed's life. That was when they were finally independent. An ordinary Spiran is considered an adult by the time he or she is sixteen, sometimes seventeen. For an Al Bhed, fourteen is the perfect age.

By the time you turn fourteen, you were expected to fend for yourself. Friends were must-haves because you needed them to watch your back while you're taking on the desert, the whole world. Digging was hard and whenever they try to salvage things, going off to different parts of Spira to try and get supplies, the journey could end abruptly.

Ordinarily the first journey was the hardest and most of the time by the end of it, you'd wish you were thirteen again. But not for Gippal, who was easy-going but never careless, laid-back but never lazy. A prankster but always on the job. That was probably why his first journey, by no means uneventful, was nothing to him.

He got his eye patch on his twentieth journey when he was about 14 years and 5 months. No one but Rikku knew the real story of that eye patch. It was kept secret for years and the first time Gippal ever told that story was to Baralai, about four years after that fateful day.

The only person in Spira who knew his secret was Rikku and she promised to keep it until the end of time--and there was no way that Rikku would ever tell because if she accidentally told anyone about it, Gippal would make her kiss a shoopuff. Revealing it to Baralai felt like he was admitting his friend to an exclusive club. Though it really wouldn't be much of a club with only he and Rikku as its members.

The story was simple enough. He got careless and his eye was injured as a result. And like any story, it has a twist.

So there they were, sitting in Baralai's office. Actually, Baralai was the one sitting down, staring at his friend in a stunned silence. Gippal was leaning against the window, looking down at the movement of the city below.

Baralai's eyes trailed down to the table in front of him, trained on the eye patch that Gippal had left there. He never knew.

All this time he thought of different scenarios on how Gippal obtained his eye patch. It was funny that none of them came close to the mark. And it was unnerving, as their gazes met, to be staring at two blue eyes, staring at his own.

Tags: final fantasy x-2

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