December 7th, 2006

[Evangeline Lilly] Pretty

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So I'm walking home from work, down Ala Moana Boulevard. I finally get to the bus stop in front of Ala Moana and I noticed that there was a car parked right in front of a bus. I looked at it then looked away and that was when the alarms went off.

I stopped, blinked and then very, very, very slowly--so slow, in fact, that a bunch of Japanese tourists turned and stared at me--turned around to check the car's make.


A Chevy Impala. A Green Chevy Impala.

I would've just died laughing if it had been black, I swear.

Why was I acting like an idiot? Well, you don't exactly see any cars like that here in Hawaii. And definitely not cruising down Ala Moana Boulevard.

So yeah, I'm gonna sit right here, snickering and not thinking about how I really wanna quit this job and just leave this country, thanks.