November 30th, 2006

[Evangeline Lilly] Pretty

*facepalm* and err....Short supernatural drabble thingy. XP

I fail at life.

...Well, not life, really. But I totally forgot to work on my two 30 kisses pairings. And the deadline? Is today. I think the mods start purging earlier today. So I don't think it'll even help if I try to post anything now.


Oh well. Not like anyone is going to die if I didn't post the HanaKimi stuff right? Or the FFX-2 stuff. ^^;

So what did I do with my time today, you ask? Toyed with a little drabble thing that might turn into an actual story if Sam would actually sound like Sam. And if Dean's voice didn't make me cringe.

*headdesk* I need to work on their voices, I know.

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