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Wow. This account is dead. XD

Um. Hi guys. * waves*

.....*crickets chirp*

Err. To anyone who's reading this...I'm not quite back. Thinking of just leaving this journal alone. I've got another LJ that I'm using if anyone still wants to keep in contact. XP

Starting to write again after such a long time. Been focusing on work and life and toying with original stories for a while (reading them, mostly. working on an original story but that's just for fun, really.)

And, um. That's it. *ninja smoke*
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SPN, It's the wrong kind of place to be thinking of you, Sam/Dean

It's the Wrong Kind of Place to be Thinking of You
[PG-13 | Sam/Dean; Dean/OFC; Sam/Jess | Wincest with a side of Het | 8,593 Words]

Companion piece to It’s the Wrong Time for Somebody New .This is Sam's side of the story and it should fill in the gaps in the other story.

Warnings: None. Spoiler for the beginning of the second season, though I doubt I need to mention that.

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SPN, It's the wrong time (For Somebody New)

It's the Wrong Time (For Somebody New)
[PG-13 | Dean/OFC, Sam/Dean | Het with a side of Wincest | 3,835 words]

Summary: He doesn't usually believe in maybes, but then again, he doesn't usually give his real name to his one night stands either.

Warnings: Angst. Misuse of Damien Rice’s lyrics (see title).

Many thanks to kasugai_gummie for the beta. Mistakes you see here are mine, mine, mine.

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SPN: Connect the dots

Connect the dots
[Mild Wincest with swearing]

Note: So this was actually going to be a part of a massive Wincest story that I've been writing for around 3-4 months now, except it didn't quite fit with the whole story.

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I'm leaving on an airplaneeeeeeeeeee

Not quite a jetplane. But close enough?

So. This is the end of (some) things. Saying goodbye to Hawaii was hard. There were a lot of kleenex boxes involved. I'll miss this place terribly. And I'll miss the friends that I'm leaving behind and the sights and sounds.

I'll miss the view of Ala Wai harbor from my lanai window. I'll miss having a lanai. I'll miss walking down the Ala Wai at four o'clock in the morning with drunk people stumbling all over the place.

I'll even miss the sun shining in my eye every morning. Not that the sun won't be shining where I'm going. It just won't be Hawaiian sun.

So guys, it's been fun.
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So I'm walking home from work, down Ala Moana Boulevard. I finally get to the bus stop in front of Ala Moana and I noticed that there was a car parked right in front of a bus. I looked at it then looked away and that was when the alarms went off.

I stopped, blinked and then very, very, very slowly--so slow, in fact, that a bunch of Japanese tourists turned and stared at me--turned around to check the car's make.


A Chevy Impala. A Green Chevy Impala.

I would've just died laughing if it had been black, I swear.

Why was I acting like an idiot? Well, you don't exactly see any cars like that here in Hawaii. And definitely not cruising down Ala Moana Boulevard.

So yeah, I'm gonna sit right here, snickering and not thinking about how I really wanna quit this job and just leave this country, thanks.
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*facepalm* and err....Short supernatural drabble thingy. XP

I fail at life.

...Well, not life, really. But I totally forgot to work on my two 30 kisses pairings. And the deadline? Is today. I think the mods start purging earlier today. So I don't think it'll even help if I try to post anything now.


Oh well. Not like anyone is going to die if I didn't post the HanaKimi stuff right? Or the FFX-2 stuff. ^^;

So what did I do with my time today, you ask? Toyed with a little drabble thing that might turn into an actual story if Sam would actually sound like Sam. And if Dean's voice didn't make me cringe.

*headdesk* I need to work on their voices, I know.

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Happy Turkey Day!

So yeah, I'm not even American and my roommate isn't American either (she's Japanese) and yet for some strange, strange reason, we're gonna celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. My mom is here so she's the one doing the cooking for us.

We're going to have dinner and then my friends and I are just going to kick back and relax and watch Supernatural. And SGA. Because my Season 1 DVDs finally came from Amazon! *blows kisses* I swear, I love you Amazon because you have great, great discounts. $16 for the ENTIRE FIRST SEASON OF SGA. HAH!

*clears throat*

In other news!

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November is drawing to a close soon. That means I need to post stuff for 30 kisses. Gah. Must get butt into gear and write more HanaKimi stuff. And FFX-2 stuff. Which is VERY difficult to do when I haven't played FFX-2 in ages and I've been writing Supernatural ficlets instead. *dies*

Oh yeah. Is anyone playing FFXII by any chance? I'm not even 50% done yet, I don't think. About to visit the Garif. But yeah, I have questions for people who are done or are way ahead. So...help?

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy Thanksgiving!
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Post-work BLERGH

So apparently they're filming an episode of Lost right now downtown. And my friend is there, fangirling. And apparently she has autographs. And she won't even tell me who's there. *headdesk*

And here's another thing. The place they're filming the episode? In the middle of HPU. Like, literally steps away from the computer center.

Anyways. Heroes is on. So off I go.

Oh yeah...Mohinder......*drools*